4830 Salem Ave | Dayton, OH 45416


“I have been given the motivation to get out of bed, form new friendships, start physical therapy, and begin to live my life again!”


“Thank you for your help and care during the last weeks of my mother’s life. Your help and understanding made this sad and difficult time a bit easier for my husband and I to bear. Our choice to entrust her to your facility was a good one. Her caregivers were all I could have hoped for.”

Gloria & Dave

“PATH has given me a lot of energy, helped me make new friends, and taught me how to love people more. Because of this, I’m doing things for people, I never thought I would, and that makes me feel good!”


“I would like to thank Maria Joseph for all of the services, love, and support that was given to my dear father. [His stay at Maria Joseph] was a time I will never forget, but with the help of the staff, my father began a journey that would have the challenges of dementia care. I appreciated the willingness of the staff to get together with myself and our family for care conferences when I came to the Dayton area. Being a long distance care giver, it was helpful to understand what was going on with my father. I was able to create relationships with the staff members and I always felt that I could call any time to check in and see how Dad was doing. Over the last four years, I have learned many things about what it takes to devote one’s time to a memory-impaired individual. I give everyone who worked with my father a huge bow of thanks.”


“The concept of PATH is Perseverance, Achievements, Triumph through trials, and Hope. That idea is living within each member of PATH. Their hopes and dreams, for now and the future, seem within reach.”


“Initially, coming to a nursing home was not on my mind, but when I got here I really enjoyed the people and the program. The help was wonderful and enjoyable. I’m glad I decided to attend Maria Jo. They helped me get strong and happy with exercise!”


“The Maria-Joseph Center was selected as the center for my rehabilitation after my right knee replacement surgery. The care by the nurses and aides has been given in a cheerful and helpful manner. They make certain that I’m comfortable. The room is pleasant to be in 20 plus hours per day. A window gives a view of the weather for the day. The therapy sessions have been profitable for me to reach the goals needed for a successful return to the home environment.”


“I would like to formally extend my personal expression of appreciation to the administrator, the attending staff on Lourdes 3, and the rehabilitation staff, for the substantial level of care my mother has received while at your facility. Earlier this year, my mother suffered a major stroke. Your staff has worked consistently with my mother to regain the ability to eat independently. The nursing staff of Lourdes 3 have been very attentive to mother, and have assured that she receives optimum care and services. From the first day my wife visited Maria Joseph as a prospect for placement for mother, you provided us with exceptional assistance in transitioning mother into Maria Joseph. In closing, I would like to again offer sincere appreciation to you as the director of the facility. Both you and your staff have brought a sense of peace to our hearts and minds, because we rest with assurance that mother is in good hands.”


“I had a very good time here. It made me feel good about myself. When I got here I was under a lot of stress and didn’t want to do nothing. But now I feel blessed. Thank you!”


I can not thank you enough for the wonderful staff I have encountered today. I have had help from everyone listed below. Each went above and beyond to help me help one of my members:

Rosalyn, Housekeeping:
She stopped what she was doing and went out of her way to get a box of tissues. The bathroom was closed and I could have continued to use toilet tissue but she didn't allow that. I am thankful for her thoughtfulness.

Hallie, Social Services
Missed her lunch to help this member make their rent & DPL payments online. She was available when we needed her despite her own needs.

Debra, Receptionist
She is fabulous and helpful everyday! Every time I have been there, she is wonderful! Thank you for all you do for our members!

Lisa, Buckeye Health Plan

I hope you know how much your thoughtfulness means. We are so thankful to all the nurses who assisted our sister in her final days. Thank you to all,

The Schmitmeyer Family

Therapy: Bob, Nikki, Heather, and Sarah have been very amazing. They inspired me to work hard and I love them for it. Nurses: Jackie, Tommy, Kim, and Abner. They were loving and caring. Aides: Ms. Ann, Debbie, Anthony, Michelle, Shanna, Dasia, D'Anya. All were God's Angels. Sister Teresa was very sweet, loving & caring.


I began my career at Maria Joseph as a nursing assistant in 1997. I was new to nursing and was very intimidated by the big building that took up a city block. Little did I know the impact this facility would have on my life. I worked on the secured Dementia unit for 10 years before I decided that nursing was my career of choice. I applied for nursing school, unsure of my abilities or my finances to accomplish this goal. Sister Alice Schottelkotte, a long-term employee, heard of my desire to attend school school and jumped in and helped. She was instrumental in helping me apply for and receive a scholarship that helped with my tuition as well as Maria Joseph assistant with tuition reimbursement. I was able to complete LPN school in 2006 debt free, with help from a great organization my new found home. I worked as a charge nurse for a while and decided to return to school to pursue my Associates Degree in 2012. Once again I was on a journey, with Maria Joseph with me every step of the way, cheering me on and being the stability that I needed. I completely my program and became an RN and continued to work at the facility. I changed positions and became the case manager and continued to flourish within these walls. I returned to school to earn my Bachelor's Degree in November 2015 and moved to my current position as Assistant Director of Nursing in November of 2016. I have come full circle in my nursing career in a place I have called home for the last 20 years. I enjoy seeing the smiling faces of my residents and know that somehow I make a difference. My joy comes from knowing we take people at their worst and help them to be their best. I work with kind, caring, and loving individuals who are like family to me. They have shared in my success and failures and have stood beside me to encourage me in my journey. What I have learned about nursing and caring, I have learned here and formed great friendships in the process. Maria Joseph has made me who I am as a nurse and I am grateful to work in a place that supports and cares for their own. People often ask me why I stay; I often ask them, why would I leave? I am right where I need to be: home.


I came to Maria Joseph at my wit's end. I had been to several facilities and was not impressed, but when I came here I felt at home immediately. Admissions sat down with me for an hour or more to make me feel like it was going to be OK. I could not regain my composure as they talked me through it all the way to [my admittance]. But it did not stop there, I love every single person that I came into contact with the nurses, STNAs, social workers, and the Soda Shoppe. Right when I walk in the door I am always greeted with a, "Well, hello Karen, how are you today?" The receptionist, Deb, Carolyn, and Mary. I greatly enjoy the Alzheimer's Support Group; it has saved my life more than once. Sister Alice is amazing. I am very realistic about my husband's Dementia; you were the only place that gave my husband a change. When [he] is here I can sleep like a baby knowing that he will be taken care of. Luke is not easily motivated and the staff here at Maria Jo go the extra mile to make sure he gets to the activities, even if he does not do anything. Chris runs a wonderful program; they are always able to figure out a way to make him laugh, which always warms my heart. The staff of Emma 4 such as Leann and the list is endless, never stick him in his room and just let life go by. For the first time in a long time, Luke and I are able to have a quality of life I never thought was possible. I call this place my savior. Thank you so much for asking me how I felt about Maria Joseph; if I could I would scream it from the roof tops! God has blessed us with this wonderful place.


I recently started working here and I LOVE IT! My background has been with the Memory Care Residents and I am lucky enough to continue working with that population here. I have been treated with such kindness since the day I have started. I have recommended others to come here and so far one person has come. I hope to get more folks to come work at this great facility. It is nice to know that I am coming to work everyday to help the folks that I love. This is not a job to me because of how much I like it here.

Rachel, STNA

This is the best nursing home there is in the entire city of Dayton.


I have been here 2 years; in that time, all staff has shown me nothing but respect and dignity. When I've hurt myself - they rush to help me. I've made many friends here at MJC. Our PATH program is like a family. We have great mental stimulation. Jessica has always shown us nothing but love and respect. Our outings that we go on are delightful, I love to enjoy the meals with my friends and the conversations we have.


My stay here at MJC has been a really great experience in many ways. Most of those ways being my quality of care and the professionalism of those taking care of me. The amount of activities offered and the quality of those activities keep me busy and entertained! I don't want to forget to mention our PATH program! IT has helped me make new friendships, and the leader, Jessica Herzog, is above par!


I'm very satisfied. I like the way I'm treated, I like how my nurses treat me; I have trouble reading, and they will help me with reading letters that I get, also help me read the activity schedules. Also, I really enjoy my private room, and that I can go to Mass in our chapel every day. We can have visitors at anytime, my sister visits every Sunday. And the PATH program is very helpful and I appreciate what it does for me, and others, are fortunate to have it, and I enjoy all activities that are offered; especially Bingo and sing-a-longs!


It's been pretty good. I like the people that work here, I get along with most everybody. Therapy has really helped me with trying to walk again. I like the everyone has their own room, that's good. The food is pretty decent; my favorite meal is meatball Stroganoff with herb crumb egg noodles, tastes pretty good! I enjoy the PATH program, you can express yourself. Bingo is a favorite activity and trivia!


I like Maria Joseph, the food is pretty good, and all around, the care is good.


I like the employees; they are helpful, always willing to help me. I like the food. I love the Camelot staff, very nice and helpful. I like the floor I live on, Brunner 3, I have a lot of friends on that unit.


I enjoy being here, everyone is good to me, and is willing help me, when I ask. I like that I have the option of eating in my room or eating in Camelot; the staff in Camelot are very nice and caring. My private room is my home. I can have company or be alone without being bothered.


Everyone at Camelot are very helpful. I take Luke there every day. Gerald, Leon, and Tonya are always helpful & friendly. They go out of their way to help me with Luke. They welcome us and check on us periodically to see if we need anything. They Are that way with other residents as well. Anto, the manager, also comes over to check us and say hello when she is there. When I am having a tough day, Gerald is so concerned and compassionate. They are all concerned about family as well as patients.


I followed my heart when I first joined Maria Joseph. When I made that decision, it was terrifying. I was excited and nervous to be in such a huge place. I would be responsible for making 298 single beds and rooms feel like home for so many people. I am proud to have such an amazing team of staff to help me make this building at 4830 Salem Ave. more than a building but a "home" for so many. Every day is a new challenge in the housekeeping and laundry department but I am so happy to say that my first decision 3 years and 7 months ago was one of the best decisions I ever made. I am so happy I took that chance and risked it all for something I truly believed in. Maria Joseph has become a "home away from home" for so many residents and staff and I am proud to say that I have been a part of that.


From the first day I came here, I was nervous. The aides and nurses have showed me love. I was nervous becuase I'm used to taking care of myself and they had to clean me up. They told me not to worry. Now I feel comfortable. The staff has been nice and I love this place. Whenever I'm in the hospital, I request this nursing home for rehab. The therapists are awesome.


I enjoy caring for the residents; that's the best part of my job! Their stories of how life was for them prior and how living here has been a positive fulfilling change to help them achieve a good quality of life. They always comment on the good food, soda shoppe shopping, amount of activities, and the nice and caring staff, as well as the friends they made here.


"I have the greatest thanks for the help and work ethic of the staff and the ways they helped me. Julie and Danielle have given me the joy and attention that made me happy to work as hard as I could to heal and prosper. Thank you to Maria Joseph and all of the staff that helped!"


I have the greatest thanks for the help and work ethic of the staff and ways they have helped me. Julie & Danielle have given me the joy and attention that made me happy to excel and work as hard as I could to heal and prosper at what I needed done. Thank you to Maria Joseph and the staff that help and make it run in the manner it has.


From the time that I was on the 3rd floor I was treated with the best of care and I want to thank everyone that works on the 3rd floor with all my heart. The best part of my recovery was the time that I spent in therapy. I was treated with the best care. The best thing was that everyone smiled. It really made me feel like the staff cared and that makes you want to get better. Thank you all!


My experience was fairly extraordinary. From martian boots to walking with a walker 700 feet. The exercise regiment was intense, but built strength daily. It was pushy sometimes, but needed. I became stronger daily.


I received my booster dose several weeks ago here at Maria Joseph. It’s a point of pride knowing that our facility is on the forefront of administering the vaccine booster. With so much uncertainty and misinformation concerning the virus and vaccinations, I feel confident and inspired that Maria Joseph is doing everything possible to protect the health of the residents. Thank you for your leadership here. It does not go unnoticed.